S Scale Light Activated RR Crossing

Today’s video brings us a S scale train layout with a light activated railroad crossing. This video was shot from eye level to highlight the effect.

N Scale Amtrak Coast Starlight

Today’s N scale train video features Amtrak’s Coast Starlight. This ultra-realistic layout highlights what is possible in this small scale.

Impressive HO Rail System with TONS of Action

This HO train video features an amazing amount of action from BARailsystems. I’ve included the list of trains running below this video so you can sit back and try to pick them out.

Seen on this HO Train Video:

Athearn Genesis – SD60M – BNSF 9297 – “Great Pumpkin”
Athearn Genesis – SD70MAC – BNSF 9630
Athearn RTR – AC4400CW – BNSF 5630
Atlas Silver – B40-8W – BNSF 516
BLI Paragon 2 – SD40-2 – CN 6127
Athearn Genesis – SD70ACe – MRL 4313
Athearn Genesis – ES44AC – CP 8759
Athearn Genesis – ES44AC – CP 8711
Athearn Genesis – SD70i – CN 5607
BLI Paragon 2 – SD40-2 – CN 5332
Intermountain – SD40-2W – CN 5255
Intermountain – SD40-2W – CN 5262
Intermountain – SD40-2W – CN 5271
Intermountain – SD40-2W – CN 5289
Athearn Genesis – SD70 – IC 1003
Athearn Genesis – GP38-2W – CN 4775
Intermountain – ES44DC – CN 2239
Athearn Genesis – SD75i – CN 5654
CanadianRailRoader’s OMI Transfer Caboose CN 76632
BArailsystem’s OMI CN Pointe St. Charles CN 79410

N Scale 3×5 Train Layout Video

Are you hurting for space for your train layout? If you still want a lot of realistic action you should check out this N scale layout video. In only a 3×5 foot space the builder manages to fit in a lot of track action as well as realistic train scenery, without crowding.

HO Scale Canadian Pacific Train Video

Today’s HO scale train video is a home setup featuring the Canadian Pacific North Shore.

4×8 HO Train Layout Video – 3 Trains at Once

One of the main problems faced by all train hobbyist is space. 4×8 has become a de-facto standard to work with, and with a little work you can fit a lot of action into this space. In this video, the builder shows 3 trains working on his 4×8 HO scale layout.

HO Scale Train Video – 69 Cars!

Today’s train video features an HO scale intermodal train with 69 cars! Filmed in Arizona.

N Scale Train Layout Video from the Golden State Railroad Museum

Enjoy an entertaining video featuring the N scale layout at the Golden State Railroad Museum in California. Highlights of this video include BNSF coal, BNSF stack trains and Amtrak’s Coast Starlight.

Vintage Lionel Trains Video

No Fastrack in this video! Here is a nice Lionel setup, but perhaps most impressive is the vintage Lionel trains the owner decided to run for you viewing pleasure.

Giant Home S Scale Train Layout Video

There are large layouts, there are detailed setups, and then there is this. This has to be one of the more detailed and absolutely huge home train layouts I’ve seen. I think I’d be kicked out of the house long before my hobby got to this point!